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What is a blowout preventer?

Blowout preventer (BOP) is a commonly used safety device in oilfields to seal the wellhead, primarily utilized during operations such as oil testing, well repair, and well completion. Its main function is to close the wellhead and prevent blowout accidents. The BOP combines both full and partial sealing capabilities into

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How does a mud pump work?

The mud pump is one of the essential components of the drilling fluid circulation system. During the drilling process, it injects mud into the wellbore along with the drill bit, serving multiple functions such as cooling the drill bit, cleaning the drilling tools, stabilizing the wellbore walls, driving the drilling

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commonly used drilling tools

1.Drill pipe Drill pipe is the basic component of drill string, it is mainly used to transmit torque and transport drilling fluid. The pipe body and the joint of the existing drill pipe are connected together by butt welding. In order to increase the strength of the joint, the butt

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Why use a casing centralizer

Casing centralizer is an important measure to improve the quality of cementing. The purpose of cementing is two things. First, casing is used to seal off Wells that are prone to collapse, leakage, or other complicated conditions, so as to provide guarantee for continued safe and smooth drilling. The second

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Hydraulic tongs operating procedure 2

Hydraulic tongs use precautions 1.In order to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic components, it is necessary to ensure that the hydraulic oil is “clean” and the high-pressure filter element is cleaned and checked every week. When adding fuel to the tank, avoid mixing other debris into the tank. 2.Before

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Open the valve of the rig to tongs gas line.

Hydraulic power tongs are important and indispensable wellhead tools in drilling team construction. The performance, operation and maintenance of hydraulic power tongs directly affect the safety, timeliness and efficiency of drilling team construction. In the case of a large number of new drilling team personnel, the hydraulic power tongs operation

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When does the BOP check

1、BOP2FZ35-35 Indicates the meaning: 2FZ – stands for double ram BOP Front 35 – indicates a nominal diameter of 346mm Post 35 – indicates a maximum working pressure of 35MPa 2、Why can’t annular BOP be used for long-term capping? A: 1) The rubber core will accelerate the aging of rubber

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