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Drill mud pack concept

Drill bit mud bag means drill bit surface is covered with mud mass. it occurs during drilling and tripping. After the mud bag of the drill bit occurs, mud bag effect the teeth of the PDC bit . then reduce the degree of “eaten” into the formation, resulting in the

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Five commonly used wellhead tools-Manual tongs

1. Purpose The manual clamps have main outer clamps and clamps.When working, the drilling and inner casing operation and the matching line of the drilling tool nee to tighte them during operation.. 2. Type According to the size of the drilling tool, it is divided into: B-type lifting tongs and

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Five commonly used wellhead tools-slip 2.0

Slips The slips is a tool used to hold and suspend the drill string in the well during the drilling process. The slip is mainly composed of the slip body, the insert slip, the handle and the connecting piece. watt. 1.Type of slips We look at the function it is

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Five commonly used wellhead tools 

Wellhead tools are tools used for wellhead operations on the drilling floor, mainly including: Links, elevators, slips and safety slips, manual tongs, roller kelly bushing, etc. The proficiency and operation of wellhead tools is very important. and oil workers must deal with them every day in drilling and workover operations.  FIRST:Links

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Some knowledge of screen tube

We produce the main function of the oil screen is sand control. The steel grade and type of the screen are different due.Therefore different geological environment (lithology) of the oil well. Screen types are divided into: drilled screen, slit screen, wire wound screen, punching screen, meet screen, pre-filled screen, metal

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BOP What are the types and differences of blowout preventers?

How to choose BOP combination There are two types of blowout preventers, ring boP and ram BOP. Annular blowout preventers are divided into single annular blowout preventers and double annular blowout preventers, wherein one annular rubber core and two annular rubber cores are installed respectively. We divide the blowout preventer

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Discussion on blowout preventer

1.Working principle and structure of blowout preventer We’re drilling. In order to prevent formation fluid from intruding into the well, the drilling fluid column pressure should always be slightly higher than the formation pressure. But in the actual drilling operation, due to the influence of various factors, the drilling fluid

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