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When does the BOP check

1、BOP2FZ35-35 Indicates the meaning: 2FZ – stands for double ram BOP Front 35 – indicates a nominal diameter of 346mm Post 35 – indicates a maximum working pressure of 35MPa 2、Why can’t annular BOP be used for long-term capping? A: 1) The rubber core will accelerate the aging of rubber

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Types and functions of links Links can be divided into single arm links and double arm links according to the structure. Its main function is to hang the elevator to hold the drill when the drill is pulled down. For example, DH150 and SH250, where D represents single arm, S

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Type and technical specification of API sucker rod

Sucker rod is an important part of rod pump production equipment. The sucker rod works by connecting the pumping unit up and the pump down to transfer power. The rod string is composing of several rods connected by a collar. The sucker rod itself is a solid rod made of

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What are the commonly sued valves in the petrochemical industry?

The petrochemical industry is a wide range of valves used in the field. Valves play a key role in piping systems, controlling and regulating the flow of liquids and gases. Different valve types have different performance characteristics, so they may be more suitable in different applications and environments. In this

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tubing head

Basic summary of commary of completion technology

According to the geological characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs and the technical requirements of development and exploitation, the process of establishing a reasonable communication channel or way between the oil and gas reservoirs and the wellbore at the bottom of the well is called well completion(Well Completions).      1.

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Details of Derrick Knowledge

The basic parameters of the derrick The basic parameters of the derrick are the indicators that indicate the characteristics of the derrick and are the basis for the design, selection and use of the derrick. 1) Maximum hook load The safe carrying capacity of the derrick is usually expressing as

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