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Overview of drill

Drill bit is a tool used to break rock to form borehole in oil drilling. Its performance will directly affect drilling quality, drilling efficiency and drilling cost. 1. Drill bit classification According to the type, it can be dividing into four kinds: scraper bit, cone bit, diamond bit and PDC

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Offshore Technology Conference 2023

Goldenman is pleased to announce our participation as an exhibitor at the Offshore Technology Conference this year.  Visit Goldenman at Booth #1574 to learn more about the latest in Goldenman API6A valves and wellhead equipment, API16A BOP.  Warm welcome and we can plan a meeting contact: WhatsApp+86 13964513519

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Problem and treatment of PDC bits

The concept of bit balling Bit mud coating refers to the surface of the bit is coated with mud, which can occur in the process of drilling and tripping. After the occurrence of bit mud packing, the degree of PDC bit teeth “eating” into the formation is reduced due to

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Complex downhole conditions and treatment measures

1. What is downhole complexity? What is a drilling accident? A: In the drilling process, due to the special formation, improper drilling fluid type and performance, poor well quality and other reasons. The phenomenon that can not maintain normal drilling and other operations. Such as resistance jam, serious hop during

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Fundamentals of coiled tubing operations/technology

1.coiled tubing technology CoiledTubing (CT) is a kind of continuous tubing of required length that can be wound on a roller. Tubing diameters are typically 0.75 “-5” and steel yield strengths range from 55,000 psi to 120,000 psi. At present, the longest tubing wound by a single drum in commercial

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Schlumberger Rotary steerable Technology

Rotary steerable summarize It is well known that the highest stage of drilling technology development is automated drilling. The so-called automatic drilling is: the whole process of drilling depends on sensors to measure various parameters, and the use of computer acquisition, comprehensive interpretation and processing, and then issued instructions, and

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Dry!Detailed understanding of drilling derrick knowledge

I. Overview of derrick The derrick is one of the most visible symbols of the petroleum industry. It is a tower mast type steel struct. ure used to place the lifting equipment and tools such as cranes, carts, hooks, etc., to withstand the load generated by drilling, casing running and

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