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Tools used in the completion process.

Fishing and jam

A downhole pump includes a pump barrel defining a pumping chamber having a first end and a second end.

drilling process will drill mud with the drill into the well, the purpose of pressure delivery and circulation of washing fluid is realized.

By the power machine driven pump crankshaft rotation, crankshaft through the crossheader and then drive the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to do reciprocating motion.

API 5CT tubing pipe and casing pipe, API 5DP Drill pipe, API 7-1 drill collar and heavy weight drill pipe, API 5L Pipe LINE and API 11B Sucker rod.

Pipeline: Pipeline to carry oil, gas, or water pumped out of the ground to the oil and gas industry.Pipeline pipe including seamless and welded pipe two, the pipe end has a flat end, threaded end and socket end;The connection mode is end welding, collar connection, socket connection and so on.

Lifting system, rotating system, mud circulation system, transmission system, control system, power drive system, drilling base, auxiliary equipment system.

Suspend and drive the drill tools to break rocks and drill down into the ground to a depth of the well hole

Skid mounted drilling rig and Truck mounted drilling rig

Well control equipment is a complete set of special equipment, instruments and tools required to implement pressure control of oil and gas wells, and is a must-equipped equipment for downhole operations

Equipped with well-equipped well control equipment; pay attention to well pressure changes at any time; in case of a sudden increase in well pressure, shut down well control equipment such as blowout preventers in time.

When production is stopped, close the main channel valve of the Christmas tree.

Inaccurate control of formation pressure, low mud density, well mud column height reduction; Drilling and suction, as well as other improper measures

Casing head, tubing head, blowout preventer group, drill spool, Oil X-mas trees

The area around the well for the installation of the wellhead equipments and the tree.

 2.3/8″, 2.7/8″, 3.1/2″, 4″, 4.1/2″, 5″, 5.1/2″,6.5/8″

There are two main differences between oil casing and oil drill pipe: 1. Different uses; 2. Different materials.

  1. The drill collar is attached to the lower end of the drill pipe and acts as a weight.
  2. Drill Collars: Made of rolled or forged AISI4145H Cr/Mo composite steel.

Drilling jars are usually bigger and heavier so that they can withstand all of the torsion and vibration from drilling. Fishing jars do not have to be positioned the same way in your BHA since they will not be used during drilling, and accelerators and other components can be added as well.

They are connected by flanges and installed on the drilling spool, in turns of the double ram BOP, single ram BOP and annular BOP.

When overflow in the well, the BOP can close the wellhead quickly to prevent the blowout accident

Oil casing is a kind of steel pipe used to support the wall of oil and gas well. It is a disposable material.As a result, casing consumption accounts for more than 70% of the total well pipe consumption.Casing can be divided into: conduit, surface casing, technical casing and reservoir casing

Casing size 4.1/2″, 5″,5.1/2″,6.5/8″,7″,7.5/8″,7.3/4″,8.5/8″,9.5/8″,10.3/4″,11.3/4″,13.3/8″,16″,18.5/8″,20″

Float shoe and float collar is a kind of sleeve guide shoe or collar that can produce buoyancy.Because of the high temperature resistance, good sealing and drillability, and convenient connection, the Float shoe and float collar can replace the guide shoe and casing shoe.

The float collar is connected 20 to 30 m from the end of the casing string.It acts as a supporting ring and a back pressure voir.

Carbon steel pipe produced by hot rolling piercing process.

Steel pipe made of steel plate by welding process.

It is used to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor-liquid objects, and can meet the requirements of high and low pressure.

The master bushing in rotary table is alloy steel castings, the size conforms to API 7K. Strict implementation of relevant standards of the petroleum industry, built-in can put API standard drill pipe slips, drill collar slips, casing slips and roller kelly bushing.

The main function of roatry table is to drive the drilling tool to rotate in drilling and to suspend the drilling tool during the tripping process, to unload the thread of the drilling tool and to withstand the reverse screw of the screw drilling tool during downhole power drilling.

  1. Achieving “soft shut-in” through “shunt” of the choke manifold.
  2. Kill the well through the “throttle” function of the throttle valve.
  3. Reduce the pressure of wellhead casing and protect the wellhead blowout preventer group through a large amount of discharge of the blowout valve.

it include Remote control panel, drill panel and auxiliary platform

Pipeline valves

The 6A is designed for wellhead equipment and X-mas trees
API 6D is designed for pipeline valves

 A Pup Joint is a shorter pipe of tubular,it can adjust drilling string length to match exact requirement.

Swivel joint is a kind of metal pipe joint elbow with ball bearing.which has two types: long radius and short radius

Hanging tubing string in well to seal annular space of oil tubing & casing

The rotart table is one of the important parts of the drilling rig, which is widely used in oil drilling to rotate the drilling tool and bear the weight of the pipe string in the well

it is mainly used for hauling or lifting weight in metal and coal mining site,constrution project.

A large gate it will form a sealed annular space between the pipe string and the wellbore by using a rubber core to close the pipe string during operation. The wellhead can be fully sealed without no drilling string

Hydraulic power tong is a kind of tool for making up and breaking down the connection thread. which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workover workers and avoid to reduce the occurrence of injury accidents.

you should know the drilling string size and taper shoulder ,capacity of elevator

Manal tong is a kind of tool to make up and break down pipes,changing lug jaws and latch steps can adjust different handling sizes of the tongs.

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