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API 16D BOP control system

Standard and Certification: API
Condition: New
Packing:export packing

oil drill BOP Control System bottles for accumulator wellhead BOP Control Unit

The BOP Control system for surface mounted BOP stacks is used to open and close BOP and relief valve while drilling operation. It mainly consists of remote control panel, driller’s panel, air cable, pipe rack, high pressure hoses, protection house etc.

Main parameters as follows

  1. Environmental temperature:-13~40°C
  2. Power: 380v, 50Hz
  3. Nominal pressure: 21MPa(3000Psi)
  4. Max.working pressure:34.5MPa(5000Psi)
  5. Pressure range: 0~14MPa(0~2000Psi)
  6. Nitrogen charging pressure of accumulators: 7±0.7MPa(1000±100Psi)
  7. Air supply pressure: 0.65~0.8MPa(93~115Psi)
  8. Pressure range of pressure valve: 17.5~21MPa(2500~3000Psi)
  9. Hydro-pneumatic pressure switch: 19~21MPa(2700~3000Psi)

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