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API 6 A Wellhead Equipment Christmas tree for oil rig

API 6A  wellhead and oilfield christmas tree for oil drilling

API Charistmas Tree install in oilfield with high quality,API 6A standard. Consisit of casing head,tubing head.
Wellhead equipment mainly used in the production well head which contained H2S oil and natural gas, it can also available for controlling well head during the acid fracturing and other performance test.
This equipment is mainly consists of tubing head spoolgate valvechoke valvebumper and gauge meter .etc. Its choose the high grade material that can resist erosive, having the advantages of good sealing characteristics, its open and close is easy and can not produce deformation, having the great power of resisting corrosion.
Main technical specification

  • Performance standard: SY/T 5127-2002 ,API spec 6A
  • Working pressure: 2000psi~10,000psi
  • Working temperature: PU(-29–121)
  • Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE
  • Performance Level:PR1~2
  • Specification level:PSL 1~4
  • Working media:fuild,natural gas etc

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