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API 6A Hydraulic FC FLS gate valve

Standard and Certification: API
Condition: New
Packing:export packing

Gate Valve API 6A

  1. Gate valves are mainly used for control of fluid flow in drilling well control system and drilling fluid manifolds (such as, kill manifolds, choke manifolds, mud manifolds and standpipe manifolds).
  2. There are two types of valves: visible and invisible bar type. 
  3. They can be manually or hydraulically operated.
ModelDescriptionRated WPEnd connection
2-1/16″Plate gate valve5000Psi(35Mpa)API flange connection
2-9/16″Plate gate valve5000Psi(35Mpa)API flange connection
3-1/8″Plate gate valve5000Psi(35Mpa)API flange connection
4-1/16″Plate gate valve5000Psi(35Mpa)API flange connection
2-1/16″Plate gate valve10000Psi(70Mpa)API flange connection
2-9/16″Plate gate valve10000Psi(70Mpa)API flange connection
3-1/16″Plate gate valve10000Psi(70Mpa)API flange connection
4-1/16″Plate gate valve10000Psi(70Mpa)API flange connection
2-1/16″Plate gate valve15000Psi(105Mpa)API flange connection
2-9/16″Plate gate valve15000Psi(105Mpa)API flange connection
3-1/16″Plate gate valve15000Psi(105Mpa)API flange connection
4-1/16″Plate gate valve15000Psi(105Mpa)API flange connection
FLS gate valve 4

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