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API high quality Choke and kill manifold

Detailed introduction of the api 16c wellhead choke& kill line
  • Working Pressure3000PSI15000PSI
  • Nominal Bore2-1/164-1/16
  • The choke manifold is support equipment of hydraulic BOP for controlling well blow out and well pressure.
  • Furnished with hydraulic control panel to achieve remote control.
  • Through the choke valve, perform well killing, replacing polluted slurry in well, and control wellhead pressure of casing and standpipe, restoring mud to control pressure at well bottom to stop overflow.
  • Through relief pressure, decrease wellhead pressure to perform Flexibility Shut off Well.
  • Through drain valve, decrease casing pressure of wellhead to protect BOP stack.
  • Meet special services requirements for balanced drilling, under-balanced drilling and offshore drilling.
  • Furnished with manual/hydraulic cylindrical gate and seat drilling choke or wafer-type drilling choke which has functions of choke flow and shut off fluid.

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