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hydraulically-powered winch

Product Description

Wire rope winch is a sort of drum winch onto which the rope winds. The drum is designed to release, retrieve, and store the wire rope. During the winching operation, the drum will rotate so as to wind the rope in and out. The resulting tension enables you to lift or pull a heavy load. Our winches come in a range of designs from electrically powered winchs to hydraulically driven winchs. We can also custom design and construct the winch to your specific lifting and pulling requirements.

Hydraulic-powered winch is commonly found in marine and offshore applications. With high strength and durability, it is ideal for extreme tasks. The hydraulic winches can vary widely in terms of designs and functions, such as lifting, pulling, towing, positioning, anchoring, and mooring. A hydraulic pump driven by separate electric motors or by a diesel motor is required to operate the winch. The installation of the hydraulic winch machine also requires additional equipment, such as pipes and fittings. Therefore, the equipment requires more maintenance care than an electric winch.
Our hydraulic-driven winches are available with complete drive and control specifications to meet your specific operational requirements.



YJ3/110 YJ3/150 YJ5/100

Flow Rating

L/min 120 120 120
gpm 31.7 31.7 31.7

Pressure Rating

MPa 16.6 16.6 16.6
psi 2400 2400 2400
Pull Rating
KN 3 3 5
US ton 3.3 3.3 5.5

Max.Line Speed

m/min 23 27 11
ft/min 73 89 36

Rope Storage

mm 12.7 15.5 20.5
in 1/2 5/8 3/4

Rope Storage

m 110 150 100
ft 360 492 328


mm 810×490×500 690×480×440 880×520×710
in 32×19×20 27×19×18 35×21×28


kg 490 230 490
lb 1080 507 1080


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